About Us

Hepaco Company was established to develop further methods for energy conservation, improvement and remediation of air and heat energy recovery. The scientific support of this company is result of more than twenty-five years endeavoring of professional company founders in designing and implementing projects related to energy.

The company activity started with the introduction and widespread use of integrated plate heat exchanger (Brazed) for the first time in Iran have been the replacement double glazing resources and coil, shell and tube heat exchanger for providing health spa, consumption and the providing thermal load pool, Jacuzzi and applications industry.

In this regard, the company Hava prdazi Aria co. on behalf of the company Kaori Heat Treatment and Mueller design, select and prepare all integrated plate heat exchangers gaskets for all uses and users of the facility and the air conditioning industry.

The company is also the official partner Hanbell, the manufacturer of semi-hermetic screw compressors with the capacity of 30HP to 500HP, compressors Open (Open Type) for refrigeration and ammonia freezing units, Centrifugal compressors with power of 600HP and 1200HP, Compressors compressed air and air-cooled and water cooled chillers types (Flooded & Dx Type).

Other activities of the company is, in collaboration with the British company CITECH in the project of heat energy recovery from gas turbine and also gas-fired power plants and diesel equipped with CHP system.

Amir H.Malekzadeh (Mech. Eng.)
Chairman of The Board